Monday, April 6, 2009

U.K. Announces Global Communism

Translation of the first 25 seconds:
When the world's international bankers went broke due to wild speculation with your bank deposits starting in 1929, it took 15 years and 100 million deaths for us to regain power. Give us your money peacefully this time and you won't get hurt.
Note the words at 2:00 are lifted from the Communist Manifesto, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."


  1. FDR
    Do you think the sheeple in the USA will protest like they did in UK. I will give their demonstrators a big high five.

  2. You can see how much effect the demonstrators in the UK had...none at all.

    Demonstrations in the US, if they occur, will have a similar effect.

    Those in power know they can get away with ignoring the population's wishes. They know this, because they know there isn't anything the population can do about it. And they're right.

    This is the consequence of the average soldier having at his disposal thousands of times the firepower of the average armed civilian. And the military would only be used if standard "law enforcement" proved insufficient.

    Armed revolution against a well-armed government is *NOT POSSIBLE*. And if the historically most effective option isn't possible, then neither are lesser options.

    This is why I believe we are completely, thoroughly screwed.

    Enjoy what little freedom you have while you have it, because it won't last.


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