Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Goodbye GM, Hello GS

As forecast: GM Eaten Alive by D.C.

Washington has successfully and intentionally bankrupt GM so their fraudulent financier-owners, with never a fleeting thought of collecting long term interest, can capture billions upon billions upon billions in cash loan guarantees from the taxpayer. All purchased with a few $1000 in campaign contributions--quite a deal. Now it's time to rape the taxpayer ten fold, by forcing them to borrow unlimited counterfeit cash at predatory rates to place GM on perpetual life support, and to hold the country and the world hostage.

Bushbama's plan: "rape-the-poor to stuff the bursting pockets of the rich" is running like clockwork. D.C. conjured crime is mind-blowing.

Nevertheless, Dow Jones will finally have to admit another bankrupt casualty in the long, long line of spectacular failures we characterize as "blue chip" stocks. The ripoff parade marches on...

So, let me be the first to welcome Goldman Sachs into the Dow. Another $110 bucks of utterly worthless paper junk destined for absolute zero. Just when you thought the market couldn't go any lower, they recharge your short sellers gift card.

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