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On a Cross of Tin (More Imagery of Deceit )

Happy Easter everyone. I wish I had a happier message than, "we find ourselves at war," but, we find ourselves again at war. Best of luck to all people of God, peace and faith as we contemplate a charge of renewal. While enemies can't get past the Tin, Silver, or Gold, we focus on what is important. Teach your children well.


The Frost Bank Tower was the first American skyscraper to rise after 9/11. It is located in Austin, Texas, and on its crown resides America's highest sign. Here are two artist renditions presented during the architectural approval process, along with the official news release (the Frost Bank suns that form the sign is absent from the renditions, see photos below):

"Cousins Properties of Texas is developing a 33-story (515’) office building with 525,000 sq. ft. (leasable), including street level retail. Tenants include Jenkins & Gilchrist, Winstead, Sechrest & Minick, and Constructors and Associates.

Architectural Amenities:
This 515-foot tall structure has been sculpted to create a building form that begins at its rectangular base and steps into a square point tower at its crown. The ground floors of the building base are expressed in a honed finish limestone. The office tower will be clad in a low-e glass skin with a spandrel glass to match in color. The column covers and accent mullions will be light in color to unify and enhance the verticality of the structure. The tapered massing of the building will culminate in a translucent glass crown. The layered, folded panes of the building corners gently step back and inward to create the segmented pyramidal form. the luminous volume of glass at the top will provide a clearly recognizable symbol in the skyline of Austin. Construction began in January 2002 and will be completed in January 2004." (source)
The artist renditions looked pretty nice. They didn't reveal the freakish occult symbols that now violate the Austin skyline:

The owl, Eye of Providence, and 515 are all favorite symbols of the all-boys clubs that own much of America's government-corporatocracy.
The National Press Club logo
The owl's name is Moloch, a pagan god worshiped when parents sacrifice their children in fire.

The Eye of Providence (also in the National Press Club logo) traces it's roots to none other than the Sun, which early pagans viewed as the all-knowing eye of god. Halos are derivatives, because whoever is standing in front of the Sun, which then produces the halo, is trying to be elevated to a divine or messiah-like, all-knowing status.

Reuters Photo

The symbol 515 comes from Dante's Divine Comedy. Dante's Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso all have a total of 33 cantos, or sections. DXV (515) was the symbol given by Beatrice, Dante's ideal women, in Purgatorio 33 to identify the harbinger of Armageddon. She is (translated in Walter Arensberg's "The Cryptology of Dante") "the great whore that sittith upon many waters, with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the giant by the beast that carrieth her whose number in Revelation is 666."

A new Bank of America Tower is currently under construction. At 900 feet tall, it will eclipse the Frost Bank Tower as Austin's tallest skyscraper. It's address: 515 Congress Street. Gee, I can't wait to see how it turns out.
More trivia:

The Frost Bank building houses some of the fastest elevators in the world, contracted by ThyssenKrup of Germany. Some might remember the owner of one of Germany's richest family dynasties, Fritz Thyssen, from my post Flowers and Weeds. His WWII era US companies were run by Prescott Bush, W's grandfather. They were shut down in 1942 for laundering huge sums of money and shipping industrial supplies to Nazi Germany.

Hitler was a member of the German "Brootherhood of Death."
German "Brotherhood of Death" member, William Russell, founded Yale's "Skull and Bones" club, and was also American heir to Elihu Yale's global opium trafficking business. German Brotherhood of Death members were total wackos who all claimed to be "born again."

Here is the logo of "Skull and Bones" compared to the flag of Hitler's Brotherhood of Death "Brownshirts." The Brownshirts were the political and civil arm of Hitler's fascist movement; lauded by the American press during the 1920s. That is why Obama's bill HR 1388 to create a "
Civilian National Security Force" is often referred to as the Brownshirt Bill.

Yale's Skull and Bones logo (notice the quaint fascist touches on the crossbones, Mussolini was also beloved by the American press in the 1920s):

Hitler's Brownshirts insignia (called such because they wore brown shirts with Totenkopf "Skull and Bones" caps):

Hilter's SS wore the same symbol of allegiance as George Bush's entire family lineage, as well as many democrat Bonesman, like John Kerry.
SS Uniform

The Socialist German Workers Party used the "Skull and Bones" symbol (Nazi is short for National Socialist, or Nationalsozialistische ):
Which looks a little too much like the clouds and Sun/EoP in this Emporis rendition of how the Frost Bank Tower (owl orientation) will change the Austin, Texas skyline:

Emporis claims the Frost Bank Tower has a tin cross embedded in each floor. The cross of tin is a symbol of Christians with no money. They claim burying tin crosses in buildings is "following tradition." I've done some research on that tradition and can't find any mention of it. Maybe they have us confused with someone else?


  1. So it's important to understand the amoral inbred freaks stealing American's money, the lengths they will go to take it, and that they think they are entitled to it.

  2. good post fdr. i always enjoy these history lessons. they give good background to our current plight.

  3. Anonymous:
    "so?"... you have no manners. You come to FDR's house and this is how you behave. At least express yourself with an argument so that we can understand where you are coming from.

    I think FDR is pointing to the fact that the govt elected is not the govt in charge. We elect a govt thinking that they will listen, but they won't bec in reality they are appointed by the same shadow govt. It seems to me that besides a few cosmetic changes both parties are carrying on the same agenda. This agenda ensures the preservation of a mostly foreign privately owned Fed Reserve Bank. Bail outs are still happening, and we are still trying to save the companies that got into this mess. There is now a symbolic help to homeowners. There is one problem when you call the banks they all say that there is no such program!

  4. Care to talk about the Rothchilds?

  5. More imagery from Obama today. Remember, even Satan can quote scripture...he did it when he tempted Jesus.

  6. Agreed. Any president secular enough to use the Bible to pump his own plan is rotten to the core.

    Religious people understand that, secular people hate him for it, so it demonstrates that he is dumb as a rock, too.

  7. Go to Drudge for yesterday's messianic picture of Obama.


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