Monday, April 13, 2009

Goldman Sachs Sues Taxpayers

The U.K. Telegraph is reporting that Goldman Sachs is entering a new line of business, trying to squeeze money from bloggers to prop their failed investment banking business.

Like it is the blogosphere's fault that Goldman Sachs decided to become America's poster child corporate welfare case, and now owes their precarious survival to the taxpayers who form the blogosphere.

Message to the clowns running Goldman Sachs into the ground:

We don't want to own your failing business, we paid way to much for your worthless paper because you forced the sale.

Can't wait til you replace GM in the Dow, fresh meat for shorting.


  1. The best performing stocks as of late are the ones that got billions of bail out money.

    What a joke !

  2. As a disgruntled ex Goldman Employee, how much short of what you wanted was actually received?


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