Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prosperity vs. Control

As I occasionally dial into a financial channel for ideas on what not to do, I can't help but be stuck by the futility of the current banter. So with the hope of creating instant world peace, here is why people seem incapable of understanding one another:

We have group (1) who want increased control

We have group (2) who do not want to be controlled
(no leadership).

Group (2) is in seeming disbelief because group (1) keeps doing things that result in increased struggle and pain. Group (1) is listening to group (2) only to make sure their their plan is working. The more complaining by group (2), the more encouraged becomes group (1), and so on.

As a member of group (2), I would like to request that we stop telling group (1) why their plans won't create prosperity, because it only gives them confirmation that their plans won't create prosperity.


  1. Good one. And thanks for a good laugh!

    - Group (2) Member

  2. I think Group 1 should know that Group 2 has already figured this one out and subsequently Group 2 is now becoming longer in guns and ammo.

  3. Nice FDR.

    But we also have Group (3), the lazy ignoramuses who fail to recognize the severity and consequences of the situation. Some characteristics of Group (3):

    1. receive all of their information regarding the crisis from the MSM

    2. believe everything will just get better in the future

    3. obama is the answer

    4. lack of critical thinking

    5. unhealthy interest in reality television shows and the latest "celebrity."

    Group (2) needs to inform Group (3), so that something positive can come about from the situation.

    Like what 8:11am stated.

  4. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8008473.stm

  5. Group 3 doesn't want to know, period.

    They just don't care.

    NOTHING is more important than American Idol, period.

  6. At some point Group 3 WILL have to care. They won't have a choice.

  7. 11:34 AM is correct.. They won't listen no matter what.. They'll be washed away along with their TV.

  8. Good analysis. I would add to group #3 that point 3 is not necessary. I have plenty of dissatisfied repubs/former Obama supporters who correspond to the other points and hope that 'their' party can turn things around in 2010.


    People are joining group 2 slowly by having the Bush doctrine run on them by Obama as they realize that group 1 owns both parties.


  9. Both? Surely you must mean All Parties... They are smart enough to figure this out too..

  10. "At some point Group 3 WILL have to care"

    They will care when American Idol is cancelled due to lack of advertisement revenue. Then I am sure you will riots all over our country.

  11. Group 3 will NEVER care. They dont have it in them. But if they ever do dont get too excited - It will be to late.


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