Friday, April 17, 2009


While I still believe there is at least an even or better chance of seeing a new stock market low before a significant upturn, silver & gold appear poised for major declines.

Stocks show potential in either direction short term, probably a small upside in the medium term, and staying long-term short is a no brainer. But I do not like to sit at the Black Jack table and play recreationally. It's best let another person's hand develop to a point of a high percentage bet, then focus a bet. Contrary to virtually all conventional opinion, it is much better to focus than diversify.

In my opinion, short silver & gold remains the best risk:reward, as well as the largest short term potential gainer (including stocks moving in either direction). Additionally, shorting silver & gold is aligned with macro fundamentals.


  1. Ending triangles all over the place in the indices... Decline is coming next week for the indices in my opinion.

  2. Does this guy ever say anything positive?

  3. "Does this guy ever say anything positive?"

    Lower prices are positive for everybody.

    Higher prices are bad.

    That includes stock prices for true investors who invest for cash flow. Federal Reserve profiteers have you confused. They've turned 99% of market participants into wild speculators who are as clueless as they are.

  4. "Does this guy ever say anything positive?"

    I am always amazed at seeing how our nature is to love delusion. People would rather hear a lie like, "we have hit the bottom, stocks will bounce" or "the economy is starting to show signs of hope" or "We will emerge victorious from this one just as we have done in the past" ... etc etc

    I think deep down there is a kid in all of us still waiting for Santa Claus. Every Christmas we look to the chimney to see if the fat jolly guy in the red suit has placed any gifts that bear our name. We go to the movies and we darn expect that the "good guy" gets the hot girl and the money to live happily everafter. I wish life were that easy. We could place our life in auto pilot and end up in the "happily ever after" place. While life is not like that knowing the truth helps you to make better decisions. These decisions in turn will save you money or make money for you.

    We don't need an oracle to tell us what will happen. We come to hear "FDR" because we like his writing style and his humor when writing about the future. I think anyone with common sense realizes that when companies fundamentals don't look good stock prices can't keep on rising. I think we all realize that money creation happens by the successful "legal counterfeiting" of money by money lenders. If there is no profit to be made they will not lend. If they don't lend there will not be perceived economic expansion(inflation)

    The bottom line is that I come to this site because I like the truth, and because I can handle the truth. The question is, Can you handle the truth? If your answer is no. I recommend you read,,,,,, etc.


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