Monday, April 6, 2009

Flowers and Weeds

"They are human weeds, reckless breeders, spawning human beings who never should have been born."
- Margaret Sanger, Pivot of Civilization
...For those not familiar with Ms. Sanger, in 1942 she teamed with a man named Prescott Bush to form an organization called Planned Parenthood.
Prescott BushPrescott Bush is an important figure in American History. For one thing, he is the father of Bush 41, who then fathered Bush 43. Few people seem to know about the real Bush I. Where did his political dynasty come from? There are a few incredibly tangled accounts of Prescott Bush, so I thought I would put together yet another rambling diatribe. It's hard not to get distracted through the twists and turns, which makes it all the more interesting. And so it goes...

Prescott Bush was educated in prestigious private schools from an early age, such as St. George's School
...Current tuition, $41k/year, although one third of all attendees receive needs-based financial aid. Their mascot is the Welsh Dragon and their school insignia is a Knight Templar. The Knights Templar were the originators of middle age usury and letters of credit, that is, interest-based fractional-reserve banking. At St. Georges, students learn the school hallmark, loyalty to tradition, as well as pursue the school's Strategic Plan: the DNA course, AP Biology focusing on HIV and AIDS and disease control, green design, and they learn maritime skills on the school's private 69 foot yacht, Geronimo.
Prescott Bush attended Yale, like his grandfather James and uncle Prescott Sheldon.
...Yale is a small school in New England founded by Welshman Elihu Yale. Under Yale's governorship in England was formed the BoE. Yale hit the jackpot by founding the British East India Trading Company which pioneered the global opium trade which was syndicated in American form by William Harrison Russell and Warran Delano, the grandfather of FDR. FDR is Bush 41's cousin.
He found himself tapped on the shoulder by a senior Bonesman, meaning, he was to be indoctrinated into the "Skull and Bones" society founded by William Harrison Russell (above) and also Alfonso Taft, father of our 27th president.
...Other notable Bonesman include: Bush 41 and 43 (and many other Bush family members), John Kerry, Bill Buckley, Amory Howe Bradford (New York Times) William Howard Taft (Chief Justice Supreme Court, 27th Prez), Henry Luce (founded Time, Fortune, SI and Life magazines), Harold Stanley (MS), John Daniels (ADM), Pierre Jay (first chairman of NY FED), Artemus Gates (BA), Morrison R. Waite (Chief Justice Supreme Court), Austan Goolsbee (Chief Economist, Obama Administration), and Percy Rockefeller (Trilateral Commission, Standard Oil, JPM, C, BBH; married to Isabel Stillman whose family owned Union Pacific, Southern Pacific and National City Bank along with E.H. Harriman, father of Averell Harriman). Bonesman are a who's who of prominent men in America's corporatocracy, including a majority of the JPM Board of Directors, according to Anthony Sutton's book, How the Order Creates War and Revolution.

...Bonesman Averell Harriman deserves special mention, he was FDR's Special Envoy to Churchill and Stalin, the US Ambassador to Britian, and the US Ambassador to the USSR. Harriman routinely passed information to the Soviets via a bugged, wooden Great Seal of the United States presented to him in Moscow by Soviet school children. He was and owner and co-founder of BBH the largest private investment bank in America, along with a partner named Prescott Bush. On October 20, 1942 BBH's assets were seized as a front for funding the Nazi war machine, along with Harriman and Bush's Union Banking Corp., Holland-American Trading Corp., Seamless Steel Equipment Corp., and Silesian American Corp. (Silesia is a coal/copper/zinc/silver-rich area of Poland, and purely coincidentally, the location of the Auschwitz slave labor camp) ; Bush made his first fortunate when the U.S. government seized UBC for laundering enormous sums of cash and industrial supplies to Hitler, paying him $1.5M for his single share in the UBC. Prescott Bush also directed I.G. Farben's Hamburg America Line, also shut down in 1942 for pumping money to Nazi Germany. I.G. Farben was most famous for producing Zyklon B gas, used to kill Jews during the Holocaust. BBH, along with Sullivan and Cromwell Law Firm headed by John Dulles, and UBC headed by the Bushes formed the entire business interests of the nazi war machine in the United States. John Dulles went on to be Secretary of State, his brother Allen Dulles the Director of CIA, and Averell Harriman the Ambassador to the USSR. Averell Harriman also co-founded Newsweek, was the Governor of NY, Secretary of Commerce under President Truman, lost a presidential bid to Adlai Stevenson, was the Kennedy and Johnson special Ambassador to South East Asia and was intimately involved in policy decisions surrounding the Vietnam War.

...Harriman's wife Pamela (Maiden name: Digby, descendant of Sir Everard Digby, one of the lead conspirators in the Gunpowder Plot that shaped modern England; Webster Tarpley argues the Gunpowder Plot was the original False Flag model for 9/11) formed PAM-PAC
, the largest fund raising source for the Democratic Party. She is said to have introduced the Clintons to Zbig Brzezinski (discoverer of Barrack Obama; Trilateral Commission) in 1991 after his failed governor bid, she appointed Bill Clinton the Chairman of PAM-PAC, and according to the The NY Times best seller, The Life of the Party, she "put the Clinton [Presidential] Campaign together." Pamela was first married to Randolph Churchill, son of Winston Churchill. The "happiest years of her life" were spent with Gianni Agnelli, head of the Italian car company Fiat. She had an affair with Elie de Rothschild of banking fame, who rejected her marriage proposal, before marrying Lelan Hayward, the Broadway and Hollywood producer of great wealth from his creation, The Sound of Music. After Hayward's death in March 1971, she married Averell Harriman that September. She was later appointed U.S. Ambassador to France, by President Clinton.

...William Harrison Russell formed the Russell Trust Company in 1823. Shipping manifests have survived to squarely finger the Russell Trust Company as the British East India Trading Company's
North American opium trafficking syndicate. Russell's partners used their opium fortunes in significant ways, John Cleve founded Princeton University, Abiel Abbott Low founded Columbia University, and Joeseph Coolidge whose grandson founded the Council on Foreign Relations.
While attending Yale, Prescott's claim to fame came not from his forays in varsity golf, baseball, or football, but by way of grave robbery. Yes, fearless Prescott dug up, beheaded, and heisted the skull of Apache leader Geronimo. To this day the skull is kissed by new Bonesman as they are initiated into the occult order.

After graduating from Yale, Bush I served as an Intelligence Officer and Artillery Captain under French command during WWI. After possibly seeing combat, and bragging about receiving war medals he later said he made up "all in good fun," he returned to the 'States and went to work for Simmons Hardware, owned by a man named George Herbert Walker. Bush married his daughter, Dorothy, in 1921, the year of the Great Depression (the 1930s Great Depression was actually the second American depression labeled "The Great Depression"). Prescott Bush eventually served on the Board of Directors of five U.S. enterprises, managed on behalf of Fritz Thyssen, and shut down under Trading with the Enemy Act of 1942 for financing the Nazi Regime. He was paid $1.5M by the U.S. government in compensation for the assets, the beginning of the family fortune.
...The proceeds presumably still exist in the Blind Trust created by Bush II in 1980 for his children.
Prescott Bush was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1952 and was a confidant and golfing buddy of President Eisenhower.

The life of George Herbert Walker Bush is every bit as twisted and interesting. Suffice to say he lost to Reagan in 1980 but still managed to finagle a deal as VP. Reagan disliked Bush II and the Reagans still distrust the Bushs to this day. Bush 41 married Barbara Pierce and they had GW, Bush 43.
"The Bush people have no right to speak for my father, particularly because of the position he's in now. Yes, some of the current policies are an extension of the '80s. But the overall thrust of this administration is not my father's—these people are overly reaching, overly aggressive, overly secretive, and just plain corrupt. I don't trust these people." - Michael Reagan, 2003
...Brother and fellow Bonesman Jonathan J. Bush was the CEO of Riggs Investment Mgt, a division of Riggs Bank which was fined $25M during an investigation tracking laundered Saudi money to 9/11 terrorists.
...Barbara's family was the Pierce in Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, & Smith (formerly MER now BAC), the largest brokerage house in the United States until it was bailed out by the taxpayers via Bank of America. She descends from the Pierce family of England and is related to Franklin Peirce, our 14th President. Both Franklin and Barbara descend from Thomas Percy of England, whose family changed their name slightly after being fingered as one of lead conspirators in the Gunpowder Plot that shaped modern England).
...Brother Neil Mallon Bush is named after Bonesman Henry Niel Mallon who ran multinational Dresser Industries (now Haliburton), a subsidiary of Brown Brothers Harriman, and employer of Bush II. More notably, Neil ran Silverado Savings and Loan in part of the late 1980's scandal, costing taxpayers about $1B.

...Both Bush 41 and 43 belong to the male only Bohemian Club (mascot: Owl) dating to 1872, along with Obama, McCain, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, and Nixon. The key note event is the Cremation of Care Ceremony (covertly bashed and filmed by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, starts about 1:14), where world leaders "banish the dull cares of conscience."
Barrack Obama and Bush 41 are tenth cousins.


  1. FDR,

    I am sure you have researched this extensively, but I can't share your conspiracy theory idea. I prefer to focus on financial and economic analysis.

    Just for some food for thought. The oligarchs of the world are all intermarried simply because it is a way of preserving wealth, and because their children naturally mingle in the same circles. While all these connections seem significant, they start being less so when you realize that you could draw a similar connection to most of the powerful families in the anglo-saxon world.

    Funny example: the King of Spain actually is a descendant of Mohammed through the daughters of the Taifa kings. In fact, a descendant of Mohammed actually kicked the Muslim out of Spain (Isabelle of Castille). This is not the product of conspiracy theories, just what happens when individuals seek self-intrest when chosing who to marry to.

    Likwise, Skull and Bones is a bit like Harvard. You have highly talented individuals that are chosen from the best families in the US; a few of them are bound to progress more quickly and reach very high office. It is not a conspiracy as such, just the power of an elite network of connections being leveraged for self-benefit. I am sure there are examples of hundreds of "bonesmen" who essentially got nowhere special.

    Anyways, those are my thoughts.


  2. If you thought it was a conspiracy, that's your own conclusion.

    I think it's a bunch of racists, bigots, swindlers and thieves who routinely lose all of their money to stupidity. Yes they are powerful in that the the system is designed to favor them, and they still can't win.

  3. " You have highly talented individuals that are chosen from the best families in the US; a few of them are bound to progress more quickly and reach very high office. "

    Bush clan is talented?! May be at swindling.

  4. Don't forget, the royalty of Europe was inbred.

  5. don't worry, he's trying to be intentionally misleading...

  6. FDR wrote: "Yes they are powerful in that the the system is designed to favor them, and they still can't win."

    Can't win, huh?

    They *are* winning.

    The U.S. Congress has gotten so brazen that they ignore hundreds to one opposition from the governed on key issues, with no ill consequences. The same is true of the President. Instead, they do the bidding of these "losers" with impunity.

    We're more tightly controlled as a whole than we've ever been (try flying the airlines if you want proof). And all the while, we've been watching our country's prosperity disappear.

    And these people who are "losing" are the ones who have directed the whole thing. It is their increasing power and control that enables them to do these things to us.

    If they're "losing", it is only financially. And that leads me right back to a point I've made before: these people aren't about money. They're about *power*. And while they may have been losing some money, they've been gaining a great deal of power.

    I assure you, the latter is far more important to them.

    It is at our own expense that we believe they are "losing".

  7. I wrote: "We're more tightly controlled as a whole than we've ever been".

    I'm referring here to people in the U.S. as a whole (there are groups of people who have been far more oppressed than we are at one time or another), for the duration that the U.S. has existed as a country.

    As far as oppression goes, we ain't seen nothin' yet.

  8. "there is no scientific argument whatsoever in the making of these ridiculous assumptions"
    Bit of emotion there.
    Maybe you need to take another look and just take the information as its presented, without assumptions.

  9. "FDR wrote: "Yes they are powerful in that the the system is designed to favor them, and they still can't win."

    Can't win, huh?

    They *are* winning."

    My point was they can't win on a level playing field, therefore, the need for endless bailouts, etc...

  10. FDR wrote: "My point was they can't win on a level playing field, therefore, the need for endless bailouts, etc..."

    Ah, okay. Yes, that I will agree with.

    Although, it is they who have decided what the playing field looks like, what the rules are, etc.

    If we had a level playing field now, it would only be because it would somehow be to their advantage.

  11. This may have been posted before, but I consider it important in the context of responsible governance:


The USA's political-economc system is best described as:

On Nov 2, 2010, I plan to vote (FOR or AGAINST) my incumbent congressman

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