Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Based on the excellent risk:reward and my need to be greedy and focused, my only position at this point is short silver & gold.


  1. I take it that being short stocks is too risky at this point.

  2. Being short stocks is a no brainer if you are looking long term, I expect the stock market to decline before a minor bounce, assuming there is any bounce. We have the government doing everything they can to demolish stock prices, and people are mostly gitty bullish, its a terribly grim picture over time. Personally, it shocks me that people even think about staying long in this market, but I am grateful they pay me.

    All that said, short silver/gold has the potential to halve in a fairly short time period. Gold is still trading near record high levels and silver has the industrial angle going south. I see a near term drop, in percentage terms, that I can't match anywhere else.

  3. Where is the serious money going?

  4. I'm a buyer of gold/silver

  5. In response anonymous:

    Thank you. It is you who will create my profits. I am grateful.


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