Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TARP Can Work

I know how to make TARP work:

1) Government buys most of the common shares of the failing banks (which is all of them) with our kids' credit cards. The more the better (they won't mind, half of them aren't born yet).

As soon as the sales close...

2) Government announces that TARP(X) is over, the government will no longer be running the economy, and that the free market is back.

3) Sell at a huge profit.

4) Set up short positions in the same banks with the same borrowed money plus all the profit.

5) Announce TARP(X+1).

Repeat until everyone is rich.


  1. FDR.

    I know you are busy. We need that post about how to set up non leveraged ETF positions badly. Many of us aren't polished enough in options to understand how to do it so we languish in these leveraged ETF's getting more and more diluted as the manipulation progresses.


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