Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another No-Show Hurricane Season Gives Way to Snow in the Desert


"It's never snowed like that..."


  1. weekly SPX chart says P2 about to explode higher as inflation really gets going here. Chicago condos are selling for 10% more than last year with multiple bidders as cash pours out of the FHA. I think those betting on deflation are again several years too soon. The nice thing about EW is that you can just keep moving your count until hind site proves you right. I think Prechter is 200% short here and will be blown out in the next Bernanke fed risk asset rally through March. buy gold and stocks and houses and be flush with worthless dollars

  2. Not a good day today.

  3. This is funny, anybody read Slope of Hope?

    'The last bear'


  4. Bizarre news reporting just occurred.

    The weather channel deemed it important to announce that Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia had to delay its opening last weekend (Nov 28) due to warmer then normal temperatures.

    Hello, its West Virginia for crying out loud.

    Is the weather channel now working for Climate Research Institute now that Phil Jones is temporarily stepping down??

  5. If the FED can't print money, where is all this liquidity coming from. Everyone is flush with cash, people are waving it around and throwing it out to who ever wants it. Deflation, what deflation?

  6. Some interesting junk mail I got. Could you refute the bulk of this please, when you have time. thank you


  7. "Could you refute the bulk of this please, when you have time. thank you



    What's to refute? Deflation has already won.


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