Friday, December 11, 2009

Buy Low; Sell High

Anon wrote: "could you write something about the BIG banks paying back TARP. One would think that this is very good , but something tells me something is rotten. Maybe they should have to realise every thing on their balance sheet to do so ?"

It's hard to get any real information about TARP, but I agree with you it is nothing but pure crime. The true beneficiary's exit strategy (since "the taxpayers" certainly aren't going to get a check in the mail) confirms we are at a major top.


  1. Strong dollar is having a positive affect for equities. Everyone was waiting for the DXY to break out to put a chink in the armor of the equity market. The GLD is getting whacked appropriately but it seems that not all paper assets are the same. Would you recommend covering some of my GLD short and leaning harder on the equities short as the two come back together. I presume equities have to come down or GLD has to move up, unless equities are pricing in something I don't see? A stronger economy would support a stronger dollar and thus higher free market bond yields. The government can't handle higher bond yields, so what gives FDR?

  2. FDR

    I've been in your camp for over a year and a half, and I believed that deflation had to happen, and it has in some things. Actually in a lot of things. From real estate, commercial, lumber steel, etc. While at the same time, a lot of things have held up, and are even increasing in price. Now I see that steel prices are going up, to name one. Looks to me like the FED may be winning this fight.

  3. FDR

    It looks like TARP is a big slush fund now, with unlimited fraud.

    I would think that next year, the funding crisis, that the media never talks about, will have to have some light shined on it.


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