Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Global Warming Fraud Reaches Frenzied Pitch

As if to race the air out of a ruptured balloon, the Obama administration seems desperate to force spiteful global warming legislation on a disgusted public.

The American people understand:
  • Green plants crave a warm, carbon-rich environment. They breath pure carbon dioxide. The more carbon in the air, the greener our earth becomes.
  • The Earth's temperature has plunged for the past 2 years. The temperature has dropped a full degree since Al Gore released An (incredibly) Inconvenient Truth. We're colder today than the year 1900.
  • "Scientists" have been caught faking inconvenient data.
  • Named hurricanes are on the endangered species list. Sometimes we don't get to "A."
  • Certain states have special HOV lanes to encourage car pooling; other states tax HOVs for being inefficient.
  • Ice is less dense than liquid water, when it melts the water level drops.
  • Incandescent light bulbs were banned for dumping loads of carbon into the atmosphere; so do electric cars.
  • A now hysterical climate change movement is emotional and irrational.
  • It's about money.


  1. This scam might be the single biggest threat to our freedom and ultimately, our sovereignty as a nation.

    Can O sign the treatise without congressional authorization? I hope not.

  2. "Ice is less dense than liquid water, when it melts the water level drops."

    Interesting. I never knew this. Would a simple at home test of putting a block of ice in a container of water, then measuring the water level before and after confirm this? :)

  3. Leaked memos in DK show that GW is all about keeping the third wold in perpetual poverty.

    It is all about money and power.

  4. This should be #101 on the list of the TOP 100 issues to be tackled.

    We are a country doomed, that can't make our own underwear.

  5. He can sign anything he wants.

    Will we the people accept it?

  6. "Ice is less dense than liquid water, when it melts the water level drops."

    This is incorrect if the ice is 'free floating' in the liquid...the water level is unchanged as ice melts. (think arctic circle)

    Ice is less dense, but the mass of the frozen water stays the same as it changes states from frozen to liquid.

    Think of a canoe in a lake with a block of ice in it...does the canoe's draft change when the block of ice melts into a puddle? No, it does not, and neither does the lake's water level change during that process.

    Now ice that supported by land is totally different...more ice supported by land = lower ocean levels....ice melted from land, higher ocean levels...

  7. "This is incorrect if the ice is 'free floating' in the liquid...the water level is unchanged as ice melts."

    Water level will rise when water is frozen and subsequently fall when thawed. That's why a container of water will burst if frozen without allowing room for expansion.

  8. Will you put Cashzilla back up please. I like it better than the Al Gore stuff

  9. "Ice is less dense than liquid water, when it melts the water level drops." Yes, ice is less dense than liquid water, which is why it floats, however........

    You're scaring us FDR, or are you just trying to see if all your readers are morons.

    Take a container of water, float some ice in it and measure the water level before it melts and after.

  10. FDR - Hate to chime in so esoteric a point but you have made the same erroneous argument repeatedly.

    While I believe (and have always thought) that the whole global warming issue is simply misplaced hysteria, your argument about melting sea ice LOWERING sea levels is clearly wrong.

    First of all I would point out the vast majority of global ice is NOT floating sea ice, but is on land, particularly the continent of Antarctica, where melting ice would clearly raise sea levels - much like dumping ice into a glass of water would raise the water level.

    But the second argument is the one that sticks in my craw. Water is unique among substances in that its solid form is LESS dense than its liquid form. However it doesn't change its MASS.

    An iceberg has approximately 10% of its volume above the water level. This 10% represents the increase in volume that water attains in changing to solid form. However, when the ice melts that 10% volume change does not change its mass terefore there is no change in water level - sea levels do not raise OR fall.

  11. "Water level will rise when water is frozen and subsequently fall when thawed. That's why a container of water will burst if frozen without allowing room for expansion."

    Only relevant if the entire ocean freezes, which is not likely to happen any time soon.

    Anon above is correct: melting or freezing of free-floating ice does not change the water level. Ice is slightly less dense than water--which is why it floats on water, and why you can see part of an iceberg above the surface of the water. The 10% of the iceberg that is visible above the water corresponds exactly to the 10% more volume that the water takes up when frozen. (That equality is by the laws of physics, not happenstance.)

    Try dropping an ice cube in a glass full of water. As the ice melts, the water level doesn't change.

  12. Ok, one last time then we'll move on to why green plants really hate carbon dioxide...

    When water freezes, it turns to ice. Ice floats because the same amount of mass is less dense than the liquid water surrounding it, meaning, it takes up more volume than the liquid water it displaces. That is why ice flaots, and why a container full of water will explode when frozen.

    Thus when ice melts, the same amount of water mass takes up less space, becomes denser, and the water level falls.

  13. It's a party in Copenhagen. Nothing more than a celebrity red carpet event. Global Warming is just the side show. Better yet, it's the Barnum and Bailey ringling brothers.

  14. FDR... I find your to be a highly intelligent and knowledgeable source of information with regards to economies, money creation, market history and the Elliot wave. For this reason I follow your comments both here and on MW. Your thoughts and positions teach me and make intelligent counterpoints to the media and government hype, but here is where I will end my praise.

    I do not know the science being the climate change issue as I am not an educated expert and I can bet from many of your comments that you are not either. Each of us has the right to an opinion and with that in mind.... your blog, your opinion, however for you to put out such clear argument about economic matters and then come up with a list like yours above... for shame!

    *Green plants crave a warm, carbon rich environment.......

    This comment is only true to a point. The balance between light, temperature and CO2 have an instrumental effect on the uptake of plant nutrients, one of the more important being nitrogen. Too high of CO2 can indeed stifle growth.

    The earth's temperature has PLUNGED in the last 2 years.......

    We are indeed colder at this moment than in 1900 but only because of the peaks and valleys of temperature fluctuation but on aggregate, temperature has been rising since 1900 and to use just 2 years as an example is just silly. If I were to question your call for the market turn at 9918 you would and should point out that the ebbs and flows of the market are not exact.

    *Scientists have been caught faking.......

    This is totally not a proven point. Governments lie, Goldman Sachs lies and interested groups lie. You and I have no idea if all the information uploaded to the net is genuine. 2)If it is complete. Messages and jargon, properly presented can be taken our of context 3)If 'information' wasn't added to the original for effect

    *Named hurricanes are on the endangered species list..........

    What... you don't believe in cycles......

    *Certain States have special HOV lanes.....

    So whats new about the silliness of government and its ability to find creative ways to raise taxes....

    *Ice is less dense than liquid water, when ice melts water level drops.

    This is the silliest comment of all and shows ignorance of elementary fact. Approximately 98% of the planets ice is 'grounded'. Should all of that ice melt, it is estimated that sea level would rise some 60 meters. Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying that the ice will all melt or that man would be the cause, what I am saying is that this is just a dumb argument.

    *Incandescent light bulbs were banded.......

    Given that incandescent bulbs only 25% as efficient with respect to other lighting sources. (That is being generous, given that the 'common' incandescent bulb is only 15% as efficient)

    The use of centrally generated electric to move someone from point A to point B is much more efficient than the individual internal combustion engine.... particularly given the fondness of my fellow Americans for vehicles that are very over powered with respect to need.

    * A now hysterical climate change movement.....

    And vested interests in not emotional and irrational? And when uninformed common folk get being the issue they come up with arguments such as the ones above adding even more hysteria fuel to the 'debate'

    It's about money.......

    This is true. It is true of vested interests on both sides of the issue. Big oil, coal and gas folks would loose BIG. But it is also true that the vast majority of people on both sides of this issue take a side and really are clueless as to why they have the position that they have, much like why people choose the Democratic or Republican parties. They don't have a clue that both parties are selling them down the river but the just know the other party is the bad one.....

    I do have much more I could say about the American attitude towards the environment but I will stop just covering your points

  15. FDR: The mass of water ice displaces when it floats is equal to the mass of the ice, but the amount of volume it occupies in total is a function of the ice's density. Since ice is less dense than water, it follows that the total volume of the ice is greater than the volume of water its mass will displace.

    If you melt the ice, the volume it will occupy after melting is now *identical* to the volume of water that it previously displaced as ice. And therefore, the water level does not change.

  16. Global warming is low on my top ten list of natural disasters.

    Man is part of nature, is he not?

    I don't know the numbers, but I would have to think man killing man is on the top of the list.

    Most do not realize that their demise will come much sooner and with more violence as a result of men directly.

    Oh yeah, rationing healthcare for the baby boomers is direct.

  17. Most parts of the ice are underwater. When they smelt, the water level falls.

    When the parts of the ice above the water smelt, the water level increases slightly.

    However, as more of the ice is underwater, the total effect of an ice-block smelting will be a water level decrease!

  18. FDR

    This is off subject, could you write something about the BIG banks paying back TARP.

    One would think that this is very good , but something tells me something is rotten. Maybe they should have to realise every thing on their balance sheet to do so ?

  19. I for one would not have a clue as to if melting or freezing of free-floating ice changes the level. I drink my martini's straight up, the way the good lord intended them.

  20. everyone who is arguing about the semantics of water level and ice. He got you. He said ice, which has a water level. everyone assumed he meant ice floating in water. maybe that is what he meant, maybe not, but what he WROTE was that ice has a water level, and when ice melts, the water level drops. That is an accurate statement.

  21. News flash: Monster iceberg drifts toward Australian coast.

    - FDR warns of impending drastic coastal waterline setbacks as melting iceberg to lower ocean levels!

    Ships to set sail or risk being beached!

    (Just razzing you FDR)

  22. "News flash: Monster iceberg drifts toward Australian coast."

    Sounds like global warming.


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