Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas To All!

Santa has brought the bears ascending diagonals, punctuating all degrees including the daily:

Merry Christmas everyone, may God smile on our children.


  1. Merry christmas to you FDR and everyone in the forum :) Thanks also for all the great insight/lessons. I really appreciate the time you invest to read and answer our questions.

  2. Merry Christmas FDR,

    Let's hope stocks can deflate a little from here. I've seen quite a few ascending diagonals explode the wrong way (up) since March.

  3. Merry Christmas FDR!!!!


  4. Luv the site; Quick question; If deflation is occuring, why is CPI going up as the $US DOLLAR NOW is starting to go up also?


  5. Happy Holidays FDR! Just starting reading, " The Forgotten Man"

  6. FDR- thinking of covering my TLT short and AAPL, AMZN, GOOG, CREE longs this week and reversing the trades. I still like the GLD short so I am thinking of riding that one out. There are almost no short sellers left in the market so I think now is the time to get short as I have punished them enough for one year. I assume that everyone will try to pile on the long side now as they have watched the market rally and are sick of being left out. That is usually the sign to fade them. I think the bond auctions will continue to go poorly as the 10 year yield climbs back over 5% in 2010, but I think it will be a turbulent trade as people fight for safety at the same time, so being outright short may have run its course. I want to go short via the options market to limit the pain of the short side and get as much leverage as possible if we get a quick selloff in the market. Retail sales are much better than expected but assume that will taper off again in the new year. Just not sure if the run through first quarter earnings, which will beat very easily, is priced in or if the market will do one last surge to the upside. I like 12000 on the DOW in the first quarter or bust, but I think you have to be short into further upside to catch a good price on the decline. Do you think the market can get to 12k in the next couple of months?

  7. Hope you had a Merry Christmas FDR

    thanks for the blog site

  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

    Love what you do !


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