Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trillion Dollar Fraud

President Obama has proposed eliminating $1T in existing government fraud "to pay for" his Single Payer Universal Health Care plan. I've pointed out that this plan has two main objectives:
  • Save Medicare (the largest financial crises we face as a nation, by far) by involuntarily reducing the number of old people.
  • Generate enormous new debt and eternal interest payments to the bankers who run DC.
But let's focus on something else: the overt DC fraud our President has revealed. The question is so obvious that the propagandists cannot touch it. Why are we accepting a trillion dollar fraud right now? With just a one time $1T payment, let alone the recurring payments, we could:
  • Eliminate the Federal income tax (allow a vote on eliminating the Federal Income Tax vs. spending the same amount of money on Single Payer Health Care and see what happens).
  • Give a $10,000 tax credit to every taxpayer to buy commercial health insurance for their families, enough to cover every American, not just the 10% uninsured.
  • Give one round of Christmas bonuses to government-connected bankers (the last one cost $800B).
  • According to, feed 2.8B children every year. Or, about 25% more children than actually exist on planet earth.
  • Give every taxpayer a stack of vacuum-packed dollar bills, laid flat on top of one another, as high as they are tall.
This is not pie in the sky. This money is available right now, according to the President of the United States.


  1. FDR- Just remember if this passes and you dont get insurance you will get a FINE! I just wanted to remind you as I dont want you geting a visit from the ObamaCops.
    We cant get your updates if you are in the pokey.

  2. I have a feeling we're all going to wind up in the pokey for more than no health care.

    In fact, we all might get a little more "health care" than we bargained for.

    Two years ago on MW I said, "mark my words the socialists are again coming to Washington."

    The Bushs are actually harder core socialists than the Obamas, but I meant, all of them were about to make their move to overthrow the Constitution.

    Of all my forecasts, that was both the most correct and the most disturbing. The United States in in the middle of a full scale revolution. Those seizing control (it is a bi-party movement) will first ignore the Constitution, then trash the most bothersome document ever conceived from their point of view.


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