Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paulson: "The Devil Made Me Do It"

I'm sure everyone has heard that Hank "The Holy Monk" Paulson is blaming, that's right, "the Russians" for his destruction of the U.S economy.

So Hank, even if one believes that the Russians were financially attacking the United States, well, you lost the battle. And longer term, probably the war.

The only thing worse than destroying the United States economy by accident is allowing someone else to do it on purpose.


  1. "And that includes their own mega-leveraged walking dead bank full of inbred morons."

    My favorite line so far. Could we get Cashzilla back please for an appearance......Thank you

  2. Now it all makes sense...

    Russia wants to destroy the number one consumer of oil so that it saves our environment from global warming. ;-)

  3. Paulson ha ha ha.
    Is it just me or did he look uncomfortable without his tin foil hat.

    Bring back Cashzilla!


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