Thursday, January 28, 2010

"I didn't steal it."

Secretary Geithner (last President of the NY Fed): "I didn't steal it."

Secretary Paulson (last CEO of Goldman Sachs): "I didn't steal it."

As with all multi-trillion dollar government heists, no one knows who did it.

But we do know who took it:

Who got it.

The two primary beneficiaries of this magical, self-appropriating cash:
  • Goldman Sachs - Received $320B funneled through AIG to delay certain bankruptcy.
  • The NY Fed - Financed The People's enormous new debt to give to Goldman Sachs.
Hmmm, so who DID steal it? Who in the room might be representing Goldman Sachs and the NY Fed?

I wonder....


  1. Question

    Does the Treasury have a dollar limit for their C of I account ?


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