Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Money" from Helicopters?

Today, I heard a helicopter hovering nearby. I went outside to see what was going on. A enormous white helicopter marked with the words "FEDERAL RESERVE" on the side door was slowly traversing my neighborhood!

As it approached, I caught a glimpse of B.S. Bernanke inside. He was removing his Rolex to add it to a pallet brimming with fine diamonds, gemstones, silver and gold. His time piece barely hit the pile of jewels when the crew shoved it sideways and out the door, to fall upon an eager crowd, gathering below.

Next, they dropped food rations. Then HDTVs, washing machines, and newly boxed computers. They swooped close to road and brand new convertibles, luxury sedans, and SUVs emerged as they flung the back doors open.

Ben finally arrived! True to his promise, the Federal Reserve is dropping "money" from helicopters! To think that I thought Ben would try to drop Federal Reserve Notes of indebtedness demanding 250% interest due upon maturity on top of a front-loaded 2.5% service charge, only to be laughed at by our intelligent townspeople. How wrong I was! I snagged a Mercedes convertible, two HDTVs and a leather recliner, all completely free. Listen, I'm sure he's not far from your neighborhood.


  1. What data can I look at in a reliable fashion to determine howuch leverage and crap is actually out there? Everything is fake it seems like, nobody counts losses and no one ever shows up to claim there winnings, so the losses remain unaccounted for. Where can I get a handle on the actual leverage vs. Available cash in the system? I have heard all sorts of numbers but they tend to suit whatever argument someone is making. Is there any veritas left in the world?

  2. This is quite curious - as in my neighborhood, the helicopter only drops more debt - not money. What neighborhood are you in?

  3. Hey! Guess what! If you would have looked on the other side door of the Heli it would have said Times Man Of The Year!!!!!

  4. I saw a bumper sticker that read

    Honk if i bought your car,,,,,,,,, and this reminds me so much of that. When will this all end ? I think this can keep going until no one will buy are debt.

    By the way i just bought my next door neighbors house. Zillow had a zestimate at 240k and it sold for 140k

  5. Helicopter BEn just stopped by my house. WOO HOO! haven't made money this easy since the dot com bubble. Keep it going, we are going to need shovels to get this cash in the house. Go deflation, every asset class rising!

  6. ISM numbers picking up fast and prices racing ahead at full steam. looks like inflation is coming sooner than people thought, get you equity hedge on, preferably high beta. Stay in the long GOOG, CREE, AMZN, AAPL trade until inflation eases

  7. Fed's blowing bubbles again. Free money = bubble city baby. Watch out below when these bubbles pop. They always do.


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