Thursday, March 26, 2009


While I think we could oscillate for a while way up here, we are technically bounded so a tight stop loss is possible. I am placing a short bet on the Dow now at 7,920 with a stop loss at 8,050.


  1. do you have a target exit?

  2. So, you are still firm on your idea that wave 5 down is coming?

  3. I've been this guy for quite a while and in my opinion he is damn good.

    We must however trade the market at hand and be prepared for the wave 5 to not occur. I admit, I was playing my portfolio such that a wave 5 down would have been helpful but it is what is.

    From my limited ability of utilizing EW patterns, my belief is that the markets may waiver away, albeit temporarily, from the typical patterns one would normally see. This is due to heavy manipulation being perpetrated by both the Fed and government in my opinion.

  4. I meant to say - I've been following this guy for quite a while....

  5. FDR,

    Bloomberg just posted that the 3-month T-bill went negative for the first time since last December.....

    If I remember correctly, you accurately called for the top of wave 2, at the beginning of January and when the DJIA was at 9,100, when these same rates went also negative. At that time, you called them "Treasury Footprints in the Sand".

    Moving forward to the present, you "seem" to be calling for the top of wave 4.

    Is money once again running for the exits and out of the stock market as measured by the 3M T-bills rate??

    Is this a coincidence?



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