Monday, March 16, 2009

Leading America Off a Cliff

When I created FDRAllOverAgain in early 2007, I knew the Elliotts supported a historic repeat of America's 1930s depression, though on a larger scale. I also knew that Elliott Waves are patterns of social herding, therefore the next president would have much in common with FDR, that the stock market would rebuke him, and the media would adore him.

As it has played out, it has not surprised me. It's all on cue. It is horribly disappointing, like watching reruns of a bad movie that you cannot change--the slasher wins time and again--but nevertheless, predictable.

The really interesting thing has been how little we, as humans, seem to be capable of learning. There have been no real "twists" to the plot. Everyone alive has at least heard of the Great Depression, even if the causes have been sanitized from our socialized school curriculum. Still, quite spectacularly, we robotically repeat each and every mistake of the 1930s, by the numbers. There is nothing original about any of this:
  • The silent theft of the 1920s great inflation
  • The 1920s craze of interest only and more exotic loans to keep banker profits flowing
  • The 1930s unstoppable collapse of housing
  • The 1930s Fed collecting assets while chasing rates in feigned futility
  • 1930s government burning middle class capital to compensate the wealthy
  • The early 30s collapse of employment
  • The 1930s collapse of state budgets and eventual defaults
  • 1930s endless bailouts demolishing the Federal outlook
  • The 1930s heralding of reckless experimentation as a good thing
  • The 1930s MSM applause of the belated arrival of socialism in America
  • Open confiscation of individual wealth as the bank breaks
  • Open loss of faith in the administration by the business community
  • Denial of the existence of the depression itself
  • (on the way) The feeling of national resignation to our new poverty
  • (on the way) The war that finally forces people back to work for little to no pay
I know it has to happen. I understand the reasons why. But I still find it incredibly interesting that people, as a herd, are basically unteachable.


  1. Maybe your chronies at GS finally listened to you and bought some CDS.

  2. Had a sandwich at Subway today. There were two approx. 18 - 19 yr. old boys making sandwiches. Someone commented on the toaster and one of the Subway employees says something like: ' yeah, those toasters are the greatest thing, if the economy goes down and people start stealing stuff, I'm going to take that toaster'.

    I guess I need a larger sample of what young people are thinking for my study.

  3. Who ever said history never repeats.
    Humans are humans and the are basically all the same, with very few exceptions. This is the saddest of facts once people actually realize it.

  4. People don't want to know about reality.

    It doesn't sell.

    Unless it is "reality" on a desert island with scantily clad females who will do just about anything for a slab of peanut butter...

    People just plain don't want to know the truth. That is why they are either dems or republicans, because they just want some elected official to take care of it while they watch american idol.

    Not a single one of my relatives will spend five minutes talking seriously about the economy, or anything else for that matter.

    You literally CANNOT have a serious conversation about any issue other than sports or american idol in this country.

    People do not want to know and do not care.

    People get ANGRY if you try to talk about reality, people actively WILL NOT talk about reality.

  5. Here is a link...I had not even heard about this scenario before.

  6. fdralloveragain, this time around we cannot have that war without destroying humanity, utterly. too many thermonuclear weapons about.

  7. from the off cliff post:

    (on the way) The war that finally forces people back to work for little to no pay

    i think the too many customers post is the way this may actually play out; kills two birds with one stone (soc sec/medicare & population)

    bad pun, i know


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