Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Put It On Our Tab"

I love Socialism/Marxism/Communism--I have no idea what we are now, but it sure ain't Capitalism--for its entertainment value. You can't pay for comedy this good, it has to be government provided.

We have a right to it!

AIG, after being scrutinized for paying some, but not all of their employees, apparently, more than arbitrary Washington D.C. kingpins prefer on a slow news day, has informed the President of the U.S. to"subtract the amount from their next $30B taxpayer heist." He loves the idea!

The U.S. government, and more importantly our new brand of Socialism/Marxism/Communism, has become the laughing stock of the non-capitalist world. Capitalism is dead as a door nail.

Sometimes I think my Dow 800 call is way, way too high.


  1. We have stupid running around, at all levels of government, and like a bunch of headless chickens, they are making a heck of a mess.

  2. I sense uneasiness.

    Suddenly we got a constant dose of blog posts while market goes up.

  3. FDR

    Just for fun, since you just touched on Dow 800, i have been trying to get friends to see the big picture. Would you fill in the blank please

    John Doe, you will not live to see the Dow at
    ??????? to the upside.

  4. "subtract the amount from their next $30B taxpayer heist." He loves the idea!
    Its now official. They are Morons.

  5. The more you sit back and realize this is for real, then books like 1984, for me at least, take on a more sinister read.

    Man, this is so scary. The government has turned into our own Bogeyman.


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