Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Starting with Communism

As America tries to figure out where the current Coup d'Etat intends to take her, or already has, how about a quick refresher on some historical options? Starting with Communism:

10 Planks of The Communist Manifesto:

1. Application of property taxes and rents for the public purpose
2. Progressive income tax
3. Confiscation of inheritance
4. Confiscation of property of non-conformists
5. Establishment of a Central Bank credit monopoly
6. Federal regulation of communication and major transportation
7. Government purchase/ownership of the means of production
8. Distribution of wealth and liability attributable to labor
9. Government zoning of Agriculture and Industry
10. Free education in government schools

It is worth noting that the U.S. Constitution, as originally written, prohibits all 10 at the Federal level.

There have been a lot of functioning "communist" nations, but all have decided how to distribute wealth via a different political process. Thus, communism is a given political implementation of Marxism that generally lacks the idealized democratic process that Marx proposed, where majority-rule is the ultimate method of comprehensive economic planning and governance.


  1. Don't forget: 11) Rewrite history.

    I have a grammar school U.S. History book that was my grandfather's (dated 1892). It is interesting to read the depth of analysis in this elementary school textbook compared to even a high school book today. Plus, it tells it like is was. For example that the Democrats were adamantly opposed to the abolition of slavery. There are any, many other differences.

  2. FDR, It looks the Fed is almost ready to call your all in bet. Perhaps we have already started the multi-month rally?

  3. Rethinking precious metals after the latest CPI results and the Fed's latest move to directly buy long-term Treasuries?

  4. "Rethinking precious metals after the latest CPI results and the Fed's latest move to directly buy long-term Treasuries?"

    I know this was directed at FDR, but my response is that the Fed has been pulling every trick it can to head-fake inflation for the past 2 years, all while knowing deflation is the game. the more they can lure into the inflation argument, the more they reap.

  5. Think about the hyperinflation that is already behind us in stocks and real estate; the latter peeked in 2006 at more than twice the *inflation adjusted* historic norm.

    Now is a better-than-usual time to shut your TV off and ignore the hype. Then consider the "surprise" interest rate hikes on credit cards held by folks with 750+ credit scores, or the clipping of unused credit lines to the outstanding debt level, or the general lack of business investment capital, sans a few "Stimulus" examples.

  6. Actually anonymous I think you are probably still right - the deflation outweighs the inflation scenario.

    Too much credit destruction that will NOT be coming back.

  7. Inflation vs. Deflation:

    All you have to consider is this....Do you think the powers that be who lost 100% of their equity gambling on now deflating assets (paper and real) are going to let hyperinflation happen???? The answer, of course, is "heck no" they are holding dollars stolen from the U.S. Treasury via their co-conspiring with the politicians. They need prices to drop to put that cash to work. Hyperinflation would make their cash worthless. That would just leave them broke again. Deflation will recapitalize the powers that be.

  8. If you have a $100 bill and you make counterfeit copies of that bill right at home. Will you ever go broke?


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