Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gov: We'll Break America to Save Bankers

Reported by Market Watch:
"The sheer magnitude of Citigroup's operations, and the company's history of receiving extraordinary government support, has led this panel to an inescapable conclusion: The United States government will bear any burden and pay any price to ensure that Citigroup does not fail" --Elizabeth Warren, chairwoman of the congressional oversight panel

I guess it is old news that the FDIC has failed and is powerless to insure rapidly imploding $3T Citigroup and their 40x leveraged losses.

The "price" is the wholesale disposal of the U.S Constitution. All to protect congressmen's private IRAs/401Ks, probably amounting to thousands of dollars. And that won't even work.



  1. Run?

    Which direction? How fast?

  2. Let's hope they don't try for another bailout before November


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