Friday, October 30, 2009


What's a little plagiarism among friends?

In their pricey Financial Forecast November issue, Elliottwave International finally picked up what I've been showing readers for nearly a year (and here and here and here):

EWI's Pricey November 2009 Issue's FDRAOA Duplication:


  1. FDR the markets are as perplexing as ever.Could you paint a picture as to where the markets are headed in the immediate future say 2-3 months or 6 months down the line? Also please throw some light on oil as well.Thanks for all your thoughts.

  2. FDR is it time to go all out short with leverage or there is still a possibility or breaching 10k dow again?

  3. FDRAOA, do you think buffett's attempt to save the markets by buying bni will delay the downfall?

  4. FDR

    What are your thoughts of Warren Buffet , all out bet on the future of America, rail road bet?

    Just trying to get you back on the board !

  5. Any comments about the action today?

    Gold is up and the dollar is up.


  6. Would you like to change your stance on "Sell and Hold"?

    I have been watching silver bounce around since early oct.

    Trading zsl is looking good.

  7. You are WAY off on GOLD prediction.

  8. I'm assume the move in silver today was a "B" wave. But... the move in gold broke the previous high.

    What do you think is going on here?

  9. "What are your thoughts of Warren Buffet , all out bet on the future of America, rail road bet?

    Just trying to get you back on the board !"

    It's like Warren has never read anything about 1929. He undeniably holds the title of world's worst investor, losing $25B in 2008 alone, probably doubling the second worse, but he's an even worse historian.

  10. "Gold is up and the dollar is up.


    No, gold is a very thin market. It's easy to force a move. It's manipulation in the legal sense, all's fair when to try to suck people into the slaughter house. EWs predict that precise behavior at the top of a B, we see it; that really is all there is to it.

    The only thing that prices gold in dollars is dollars, so a counter fundamental price push is a pure selling opportunity.

  11. "I'm assume the move in silver today was a "B" wave. But... the move in gold broke the previous high. "

    B's often set new high's. The rule of thumb is 105%, but there is no restriction on how high B can go.

    Silver is just a step in small degree ahead, which isn't uncommon among related price actions. Silver is revealing as its 2 was very sideways which implies a sharp 4 (not to exceed 1's low without extending). Silver is so far from setting a new high that it looks a lot more likely that both are in a down trend (which squares with the 21 month $ bull market), with gold being a little more frothy at B. Nothing is new, they are just taking their time.

  12. FDRAOA, thanks for replying to posters questions, it's what keeps me visiting here, even though I'm one of the silent ones....

  13. Go redo your wave counts!

    Any pullback in Gold and Silver are going to be bought. Gold -> 1200 by early next year!

    You're going to be lucky if markets pullback and will be a GIFT for buyers.

  14. Any thoughts on this, FDR?

  15. * Double Digit Unemployment: Despite stimulus and bailouts from Bush & Obama finding a job isn’t any easier now than it was in 1983.

  16. FDR - The longer this financial crisis goes on the more and more it seems to me the argument for deflation is weaker and weaker.

    True - there has been deflation - but limited to things that affect the average American. Homes, salaries, certain discretionary items that have oversupply (think boats, RVs, restaurants, vacation destinations).

    But prices that are outside of those limited items seem to be high and rebounding. The dollar is now on its recourse downward in value, gold's chart looks to have been one of consolidation over the past year and now back to new weekly highs. Oil is on its march but up - basically anything outside of the US domestic market (i.e. imports) are going up and I see no long-term dollar strength.

    Treasuries will be toast within 10 years at this rate.

  17. When is the time to tell the truth?
    When no one believes you.

    When is the time to lie?
    When everyone believes you.

    That is the situation we have today.

    The fed, the rich and powerful, have stolen your assets. It is a fool that will give real things away for make believe paper or an interest in it.

    Live and learn, easy or hard, face up to the facts.


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