Friday, October 2, 2009

Dying Beast of us who stayed on top of the Precious Metals bull from gold $275 and $5 silver know how mean that animal is, deep in his heart. He lurches hard left when you know he's whirling right. He bucks like of pissed off son of a bitch when you think he's worn to the bone. Hemorrhaging blood but still a brawny ox, he's about to school a new generation of smug hangers-on the meaning of the word respect.

It's not too late to short the beast:


  1. Wow, what a picture. Picture speaks a thousand words. You way of expressing is brilliant.

  2. "Short GLD?"

    Obviously from my flashing trading alert (you need Firefox to see the flashing ones) I think shorting any index tied to gold would be smart.

    GLD is HSBC and the BNY's paper proxy for physical gold, paper gold is one of the reasons for the "metals" W5 run up. The fund administrators hold one of the largest gold short positions in the world today.

  3. Obviously a timely picture it is.

    Thank you FDRAOA.

  4. I hear your words, but lack the courage to sell my bullion. Would it be insane to keep my metal and short GLD?

    What happened to your archives?


  5. I recommend holding some bullion, as always. But don't expect to make money on an insurance policy, for insurance you must pay or you simply aren't insured.

    No it isn't insane to short paper prices, just about any paper will do, including GLD.

  6. the spreads on GLD puts kind of suck, plus their is low open interest deep ITM. FDR, do you short gold on COMEX?

  7. I agree with you in the short term, fdr, and enjoy your posts. However, long-term, gold will reach Alf's, Sinclair's, and Armstrong's figures. It's not necessarily about deflation or inflation, but confidence, and that's difficult to get one's head around. I'm glad you didn't advise selling one's bullion--insurance it is.

    Thanks for your work,
    A dude in Frankfurt

  8. FDR, could address this?

  9. "The fund administrators hold one of the largest gold short positions in the world today."

    FDR, how did you find this out?


  10. FDR, do you have a preference as to how much physical gold to have as compared to cash? 50/50?

    Thanks, Pal.

  11. It looks like the bull got me today, but thanks to the photo I reminded who still has the sword in their back.


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