Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Portfolio Watch

FDRAllOverAgain now offers a Portfolio Watch service. It lets subscribers watch a trading portfolio in real time, along with detailed, running results.

Although many days may be tradeless, or even positionless, the objective of Portfolio Watch is to demonstrate a very strong positive annual return when positive returns are rare, not necessarily to daytrade.

My audited portfolio began trading on October 14, 2009 at $100,000, in order to simulate a fairly typical trading dollar amount. Marketwatch's Virtual Stock Exchange (VSE) does not allow the use of options, so I will occasionally use simple leverage to simulate buying or shorting a derivative position. This has the advantage of being easy to follow and understand. The site's welcome screen displays a brief message explaining my current trading stance or administrative info.

Of course, this service is for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. There is no guarantee of a positive return.

Subscribers receive a password via email to gain access to the portfolio link. Viewing the portfolio requires joining VSE uses an email address as your user ID, but that can be a non-working email address as it is never validated.

Click here to subscribe to Portfolio Watch, this will allow you to view the Marketwatch-audited portfolio and trades in real time.


  1. Thanks FDR. I'll sign up this weekend.

  2. Holy Smokes! 15 of your 17 trades are green. I noticed that your two bad trades were the ones you increased today and are about to turn green. Impressive job, sir.

  3. Why aren't you shorting foreign stocks if you think the USD will climb vs other currencies?

  4. FDRAOA out of pocket again until Sept?


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