Tuesday, September 29, 2009




  1. Any chance this market ever goes down? I already know the answer, but you always soothe me

  2. Aren't you missing an r?
    Or is that Bernanke making that wimpy noise?

  3. Looks like the super rich, the banks, the central banks, and the governments are going 'All-In' to protect their status quo system.

    Common sense says they will win, only because they always have in the past.
    Reason says the world as we know it will end, that all governments, all financial instruments will collapse to oblivion.

    A sane person is almost forced into a box, rooting for our corrupt leaders to win this war, because the alternative is most certainly annihilation.
    Got gold? Seeds, generators, etc? Those 'preps' so many people are stocking up on now will only be useful if some semblance of law and order remains intact. Otherwise, packs of young alpha males will become the new leaders, raping and pillaging from coast to coast.

    Its gonna be fun watching this play out.

    (Nice blog, btw)

  4. FDR you say that DOW will soon be at 3800 in the next 3 years.Shedding off 20% a year is not exactly devastating considering that the first round took us from 14k to 6.5k in a year.So do you really expect it to take us 3 years for dow to 3800 or you half expect it to see it by next year itself considering the fact that you see this round as the most devastating.Does it also mean we will never see DOW 10k++ over the next two decades? Is it that bad?

  5. It would appear that currency manipulation is rampant.

    Do you have the belief that the manipulators will recede? The usd has been significantly been played with to make the equity markets rise.


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