Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ayn Rand Predicts Current Disaster in 1959

Ayn actually understood that the U.S Constitution restricts government's right to seize citizens' Property, disrupt their peaceful Lives, and halt their Pursuit of Happiness. All while self-righteous socialists blow smoke in her face. Worth a listen:

1959 Interview Part I
1959 Interview Part II
1959 Interview Part III


  1. Ayn Rand is not my philosophical hero, but remember she also strongly believed in the ultimate value of Gold over any kind of fiat currency.

    Hoard Gold not currency, especially in a government imposed deflationary environment.

  2. She was right, since 1959 gold is up 15x. That was government peddled inflation, not deflation. Inflation is what socialists sell, printed paper to prevent having to work for it.

    Bernanke is king of the socialists, Bush and Obama are loyal members of the court for unlimited private profits at citizen expense. But the socialist heyday of taking advantage of the many for the benefit of the few are in collapse.

  3. Atlas Shrugged was published Oct 10, 1957.


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