Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Proof the Stimulus Package is Working

GM share price is down 99.25%. After the "Stimulus" package, GM's total debt has grown to 200x their Market Cap of $433M. Annual interest on their debt is about 10x the company's total value. About 3.2M jobs depend on GM products.

GM now trades under the stock liquidation symbol MTLQQ.

Meanwhile, the recession that never started is officially over. In a way it is true, there is nothing left.


  1. That is simply breath take ing, and i was just thinking, i am not paying a couple thousand dollars in sales tax for a new car.

  2. ...and I was just thinking that my property taxes went up 25% last year to help compensate for all the empty homes in the area. I also had to give a family member a large sum of cash a few days ago to keep them afloat. Isn't it interesting how how depressions hurt everybody, even those who see it coming. My curse is that I know it is only beginning, and that none of us can out run it.


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