Friday, February 20, 2009

GM Eaten Alive by D.C.

One Month into the Obama Administration.

Among other rousing successes, it looks like congress and President Obama have successfully flattened GM on behalf of the internal financiers that own them. Not that it was ever in doubt...

With nearly $100B in ultra high interest debt, predator bankers are now in complete control of over 3M American jobs. GM, with a tiny $1B market cap, is paying between 5 and 10 times their total value in annual interest, alone. The President and Congress will move quickly to throw GM into bankruptcy coupled with a wildly expensive restructuring, backed by the sweat of unborn American children. They know the People won't want an American icon to fall, and will easily be coerced into paying what ever it takes to keep GM on perpetual, double digit interest rate life support.

As I've said many times, this deeply evil crew of D.C. pirates and international swindlers are well aware that human emotion is the only true commodity.

The Obama Administration and 111th Congress have been nothing short of a stupendous triumph for the international money power that owns them. One month down and they have already transferred $trillions of dollars from the American-poor, helpless elderly, infant and yet-to-be-born, directly from the United States Treasury into their mostly non-citizen owners' bursting pockets. At the current rate, one can only wonder how many months it will take to break America's back.


  1. lately I've been thinking about how just when one finds economic collapse incompeehensible is exactly when it is probably most likely. Just read a book called "the worst hard time", about the collapse of agriculture during the dust bowl Depression years in Plains state. Citizens of that time and place went from profound optimism and escalating affluence to the most horrific living conditions imaginable in a few years time.

    I believe we live in a time also where our plight may well change drastically in short order. I sense more than can coherently detail it.

  2. I was reading an article this morning that said that the Chinese will continue to buy our debt. I think the truth is that Chinese have decided to stop buying our debt. I wonder what this means to our $ against the other currencies.


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