Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eight Steps to Freedom

"FDR - If you were in Obama's shoes what would you specifically do to end this mess?"

That is a great question that deserves to be answered, it is too easy to complain without proposing a fix. Problem is, the fix is in, and by that I mean the scheme is rigged to prevent exactly what needs to be done. With that in mind, here is a 24 hour fix for the foolishly-brave President who loves his country more than his own life. It would put the economy on a rocket, and we'd all be rich in short order. It will never happen, because that President is nowhere in sight.

Don't think you can fix this problem in 24 hours? Think again. This is not your run of the mill solution.

1. The President has the power to end the crises instantly. Why? Because it isn't an economic accident, just like the last 75 years of inflation was no accident, this is an intentional act of malice. That is the key to ending it, RIGHT NOW. The President simply has to finger the enemy of the United States, declare them as such, and it is over. The risks are huge, they will immediate try to kill him as they have done so many times before. Should Barack try it, they have Biden in place and ready to go, they'll cover their tracks and control every aspect of the media coverage.

For this to actually happen today, several miracles would have to occur- the President would have to (1) understand the magnitude of the problem, he doesn't, and/or (2) not be a part of the problem, he is, and (3) out-fox his killers by the course of action he chooses.

JFK thought he could go public, out the bandits in a speech, coordinate and execute a brilliant market based solution, and win. The rest is history. As much as he understood exactly who he was up against, he was no match for them; they killed JFK and exterminated his family with little effort, and at no price at whatsoever. LBJ was their Joe Biden.

Same goes for all the other dead presidents the Fed brags about by trading heads on their notes.

Andrew Jackson is the only exception, he beat them resoundingly. But he was an extraordinary man, he was much better educated that our "elite" today, he had no immediate family to lose, he was incredibly lucky to survive his assassination attempt, and he was not afraid to kill the key actors himself. Jacksons are a gift from God when the time is right, not happenstance.

Anyway... step one is to finger the Federal Reserve as a criminal institution at war with the United States. They are. Blame them solely, squarely, and exclusively for manufacturing this crises.

Then, duck.

2. Issue presidential pardons for all of your trusted allies, also pardon yourself for all future acts you take on behalf of the preservation of the USA as you determine. This is legal.

3. Declare a national emergency. Elucidate that the nation is under financial attack, summon troops under the War Powers Act. Deploy troops to protect all US centers of gravity, inside and outside the US. Cordon off all Federal Reserve buildings. Send in US Marines to seize all computers and records and to hold the buildings. Once they are empty, destroy them.

4. Declare the Fed a clear and present danger to the people of the USA, they are engaged in an Economic Total War aimed at our destruction. You can decide that, on your own, as Prez. Undertake full scale military actions under the WPA. By Executive order, pierce the Federal Reserve's fraudulent corporate veil and immediately expose all Fed shareholders to full personal liability for the debt they've fraudulently encumbered upon the people of the US. The Constitution is clear on this, but try all cases in military courts that you can fully control, the Fed owns the Supreme Court. Conduct actions under Martial Law. Freeze their private wealth, seek them out using force, drag them into the town square for a military trial.

Recover the rightful assets of the United States of America and turn them into the US Treasury.

5. Declare that all Federal Reserve currency is now USA currency, honored by the full faith and credit of the United States. All debt "owed" to the fraudulent Fed is now null and void. The notes will be replaced with constitutional US notes by attrition, at no interest to a bank or to the people, ever.

6. Issue an Executive order that the Constitution must be followed, no central bank is legally permitted under Art I Sec 8, reaffirm that is why the Constitution was written, congress "shall" issue all US money backed by gold.

7. Issue USA Notes, backed by semi-annually audited US gold. Set the dollar value of gold where it needs to be today and peg it there forever. Never issue any more US currency. There is no need to do so, it will grow in buying power to accommodate economic growth. The appreciation will be a national blessing. Prices of everything will slowly fall as we become rich, meaning we can all afford more, and the poor get richer, as it should be.

8. You can allow bank currency issued at interest, but only at each bank's own risk. Establish a Presidential doctrine that banks which cannot pay back their depositors lose their corporate license and all stakeholders face full personal liability if the FDIC must intervene. This will end mindless speculation and obscene fractional reserve banking. Central banks are already illegal under the US Constitution, as written.

9. We are free.


  1. Besides short circuiting and bleeding the pig Fed, I think the Glass-Steagall Act should be reimplemented. These Wall Street bourses are not 'banks' and never were. Call a spade a spade. If they want to gamble, great, but not with my deposit money. I can do that myself and lose just fine, thank you.


  2. Yes, the reason banks gamble with your deposits is that they are exposed to zero risk, as we see today, they own congress because the central bank overtly pays congress printed cash to offer unlimited protections around of the law. The FDIC is their ultimate trump card, turning over the people's money to bankers as the final act of crime should it be required.

    Banks are legitimate institutions, if, and only if, they face the same economic risks as any business.

    You'd think twice about leaving your money in just any bank if you knew it was at normal market risk, as it should be. You can have the FDIC cake and eat it too by requiring bank owners to reimburse the FDIC with personal funds if they can't pay back depositors.

    That is the law, as currently written, no corporate veil over personal liability is offered if fraud is in play, and losing money you have agreed to pay back is 100% fraud.

  3. Fantastic post FDR. It's too bad more people aren't aware of this.

  4. great post. Jayhawk1

    "Abolish the Federal Reserve" should be the mantra on every American's lips.

  5. As confirmation of just how redundant the Fed are, a while back they were lauded by the esteemed Gideon Gono, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zimbabwe's Central Bank (!)


    Comforting to know hey!?

  6. FDR,

    Karl Denninger has taken some time recently to try to demystify the Fed and debunk some myths. I think the intent was to change people's mind-set so that there's less preoccupation with the Fed, and more emphasis in voting out the scoundrels in congress and voting in leadership that would put the US on a more sound financial footing.

    Any thoughts (agreements/disagreements with his posts)?

    - http://market-ticker.org/archives/779-The-Swindle-Continues.....html
    - http://market-ticker.org/archives/780-The-Real-Issue-With-Bad-Assets-Fed-Part-II.html
    - http://market-ticker.org/archives/781-The-Point-Of-My-Two-Fed-Posts.html

    P.S. greatly enjoy your blog!

  7. Loved it. Thanks fdr.

  8. too bad I didn't keep gold and silver I would have recovered $15K of my loss...good luck to those who shorted gold at $830 and silver at $11.50


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