Monday, February 9, 2009

Barack's Question

"Do you want the government to do something, or to do nothing?"

I choose none of the above, I want the government to stop doing something: digging.

When the economy is tanking due to 40:1 paper leverage on top of soon to be $12T government debt, it is important to understand that borrowing more paper (increasing the leverage working against you) will make the problem proportionately worse.

Q: Why is this so hard to understand?
A: It's not.

If you've max'd out 40 credit cards just to make minimum payments on the first one, then the next, and so on, who in their right mind would think that number 41 is the charm? No one.

Conclusion: Foul play. Thievery. Treachery. Treason. Corruption to the rotten core.


  1. Got to wonder why then they keep doing it? must be a mega change coming! NWO anyone?

  2. Pure insanity. Insanity defined is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

  3. Awesome post FDR. The credit card analogy is just so easy and simple for the average folk to understand.

    The central banks are behaving like a monarchy collecting taxes from their feudal serfs. Who are these people taking my money and wealth? They are the money changers. This really is like the old empire versus the colonies.

    America was built on freedom of the INDIVIDUAL, not the elite.

    Obama gave the game away for me a few days ago. Anything was better than Bush, but we can really see who Obama's paymasters really are. He is scare mongering us and pressuring for the randsom to be quickly delivered. If the plan would work, then surely a slow and methodical infusion would be better to ensure quality is being produced. Why is he rushing? If it is going to work, the markets will rally, and there is no need to rush it and screw it up. And secondly, he had the cheek to call congress "irresponsible and wreckless" for discussing the bailout and trying to reduce it. Really. Just think about that. Not one ounce of sorrow, remorse, concern, or even compunction of what he was asking. He was asking for my 13 year old son's childrens' money, which they have not yet earned, to be paid to bail out a system of currency exchange that puts the super rich bankers who created it as majority share owners of all we have.

    Has this man not heard of what slavery is? I am sure he has. I heard his priest talk about it once.

    And what is this slave masters fee? As you very well said FDRAOA, a bit of chewy meat, some campaign funds, a McMansion, a feeling of success and power.

    Politicians should never be involved in the free running of any economy. This Republicrat two party state is a one party sham, in support of big government, and put there by the banking institutions to keep their ponzi scheme going. Can't the politicians see this? No. If they could, they would not get elected. As you said the other day, bureaucrats don't believe in capitalism, as if they did, they wouldn't be bureaucrats. It is for this reason, politicians need to be overthrown when they turn tyranical, as very often they are too stupid to see what hell they are perpetuating. Indeed, it is no surprise Ron Paul is seen as a loan maverick.

    America's view of slavery is warped. For sure, we understand the history of slavery of the blacks to their white owners in the USA. But that is it. It is very one dimensional. We have little understanding of the conditions that brought about slavery in ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, Dynastic China, medieval England, monarchic Europe or even slavery at the time of the Mayas.

    We know zip. But slavery takes many many many forms. I understand it that it is when someone owns your labor, in perpetuity. Well, my unborn grandchild has a debt to pay, and to me it looks perpetual enough for me to make up mind.

    Sharpen the pitch forks. The answer is smaller government, not bigger government, and of course, a new system of currency exchange. A system which does not unnecessarily reward a monarchical elite of bankers with our money for no reason whatsoever.

    Kill the Central Banks.


  4. Stop the madness !

    Stop the bailouts !

  5. FDR - If you were in Obama's shoes what would you specifically do to end this mess?

  6. But isn't "digging" a "shovel ready" project?

  7. Excellent post NMB. Exactly.

  8. "FDR - If you were in Obama's shoes what would you specifically do to end this mess?"

    I'll wait for his answer but this is what we should all do for ourselves

    Buy Gold, Buy Silver but only physical! no paper stuff

  9. +1 NMB

    and great post as usual FDR.

  10. What should he do? That is a great question that I haven't answered here. I'll have to go sip some courvoisier before I get all worked up...


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