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Anonymous said...

Please explain the part about FDR's New Deal claiming 100M lives?


It went something like this:

FDR spent most US citizen wealth and stuffed it into the bursting pockets of the world's richest men. He did it with direct spending to the corporations and international bankers that owned him. He declared weeks-long federal holidays to protect uber-rich bankers from having to pay their legal obligations. He created tax-funded agencies to pay the banks debts. He ordered armed federal agents door-to-door to confiscate American wealth. He ripped American fathers from their children and jailed them if they didn't deposit all of their gold (money) at the nearest Federal Reserve bank window. Then with a pen stroke, he revalued the stolen money, and only the Fed's stolen money, 70% higher, at direct citizen expense.

FDR's "stimulus" routed the US taxpayer and leveled the world economy. So many people were put permanently out of work that they simply resigned, and permanent fell off our payrolls (and thus off unemployment stats). The masses learned they could live in poverty. Most figured out how not to die.

The economy ground to a halt, moneyless. The Dow hit rock bottom for a second time in 1942. It took a World War of unthinkable (except in select circles) horror to finally scare citizens back to work for little to no pay, to kill off industrial competition, to eliminate the excess of hungry mouths competing for the wealth still circulating.

A decade after the smoke cleared and 25 years after the bear market started, the Dow finally clawed its way back to 1929 levels by mid-1954, but it had little DNA in common with the Dow that FDR looted and plundered. That economy died, broke.

FDR's New Deal theft of common US citizen wealth on behalf of the Federal Reserve and their global network of central bankers was the one of the greatest crimes against mankind, a long string of abuses that together live in infamy. It directly resulted in the greatest human disaster ever to engulf God's green earth.

Whether FDR was evil, or just plain stupid, is a question that may never be fully answered. I suspect the former and have no sympathy for the latter.

The same goes for FDRAllOverAgain, whom I accurately fingered as the same brand of brazen thief hellbent on causing another World Depression to please his owners, long before any of the current evidence. The avatar I created to illustrate the clear and present danger to our children remains date-tagged: Oct 2007.

The daylight rape of our nation continues...


  1. FDR whats your take on the markets latest 'rally' and where it might take us? Do you think Goldman/Morgan are setting up to be good shorts again?

  2. Very eloqeuent FDR. Terrific verbage

  3. I'm not so good in math so please check it, but for the sake of argument, if there are roughly 8,903 FDIC insured US banks with a deposit base of $7,019,000,000,000 and if the US population is 303,824,640 and out of that there are 128,163,741 households, let us presume that there are 14,396 banks per household. From there, let us further surmise that out of those households, the average liquid deposit is $54,766 (ha!) per bank. Let us further presume that if a modest 10:1 fractional reserve ratio is schemed, there is only $5,476 available for immediate liquidation, if all of those households so choose to do at virtually the same time. For whatever reason, let say maybe something really, really bad...or good. Electrical grid failure or computer virus? Great sale at Macy's, only cash accepted or no confidence in the counterfeit fiat currency? Whatever one may wish to envision. Say the richies caught wind that they should withdraw ALL their money from said institutions ahead of the general population. Let's just say they had much, much more on deposit than the average liquid deposit. So just as a fun hypothetical, say only a measley $10 bucks is really what was left in the "vault" onhand for the average liquid deposit, if such all households decided that one day, paper currency or transferred credit bytes was the proper way to go.

    Would that be time for another FDR-like "holiday?"


  4. PPT

    your reasoning is entirely flawed. there is no gold in fort knox.

  5. Agree. I caught my own mistake after posting. Sorry, up too early. Moderator, please delete above posting, thanks.

  6. quote:

    The same goes for FDRAllOverAgain, whom I accurately fingered as the same brand of brazen thief

    Yeah I got to agree there. I have never seen such a brazen act in my life as this fake stimulus package. These politicians are brazen thieves for sure and it is so obvious.

  7. Wasn't your original tag Hillary Clinton? Do you think they are both in on the conspiracy?


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