Saturday, March 27, 2010

Images of Universal Heath Care

Insurance beneficiary:

Doing what must be done to stay covered:

A medical screening:

Many were able to choose their own doctor:

Children that benefited from automatic coverage;


  1. Sorry FDR, with all my respect for you,
    this has nothing to do with "understanding nature's cycles is the key to successful trading."

  2. I assume you are trying to be funny FDR and you are entitled to do what you want on your blog. Low rent by the standards of your economic posts though. Leave the funny stuff to the clowns

  3. I am shocked and disappointed that you would use holocaust victims to make your point. This hurts your credibility.

  4. do you like X here? Looks like it wants to break out to 80 or 100 here. Expansion around the globe is taking hold faster than anyone expected and the equity market is still looking undervalued here going forward. Bonds still look like a great short that is about to collapse. What about financials and retail? Looking for what will do the best on Monday after the jobs report. The equity market should get a big boost on a triple digit jobs number and the media will be in full force over the weekend, so consumer confidence should start gathering steam. I think this will be the heavy volume run I have been looking for to 1225 on the S&P into MAY 1.

  5. what's your point?

    The photos are very disturbing. I wish you publish a new post, and that would push these photos down.


    This is a better look at the math of why the S&P is where it is and why P3 is a long way off. Basically, the market is trading at fair value any way you slice it. P3 would require an event that lowers earnings going forward. If earnings disappoint then obviously the market is closer to a top, but if earnings remain solid or trend higher then the market will stay around the same or trend higher. Some people can't see the trend in front of there face and they lose money every time. I see you are about 2000 points under water on your top call and if you keep calling it, like Prechter, then one day you will be right. The same goes for someone who keeps calling a bottom. Depending on your time frame you will both be right. Of course, your ability to beat the market over the long haul will be nil, because you will spend the majority of your lives under water. Timing is everything and you have none, just check your P/L

  7. "I assume you are trying to be funny FDR "

    Not at all. The only thing I find more disturbing than these photos is that the US is headed down the same path. I've said it before, gov-run health care in America is about killing off those that the gov has promised to support, but know they cannot.

    Whether it takes the form of phony camp doctor in a prison camp, or a life saving treatment stamped denied, the evil is identical and the end result is the same.

    Ask the Russians whose population is projected to halve, from their 2004 implementation of a single payer universal system, to 2015. 174M to 80M, a loss of 94M people, more than they lost in WWI and WWII combined.

  8. I find it hard to believe that with all the PC being pushed around that any of this would happen

  9. WooHoo!! Check out X. Global growth is screaming at a pace we have never seen. I am moving my 1200 target from May 1, to next week. This recovery is going organic on us with the US consumer leading the way again.

  10. Rail traffic surging as the economy almost back to pre 2007 levels. Warren Buffet looking all the genius he is. You have to admit, the guy knows how to make money off FDR's fear

  11. shorts skewered after falling into another bear trap today.

  12. What's going on FDR? I'm starting to go insane being 100% in cash while this market rally goes on and on? What's a good way to see real volume of shares traded?

  13. @9:30

    Don't Do it!

    Debt saturation is here my friend


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