Wednesday, March 24, 2010

There is No Party of No posted another pro-movement piece today, titled "Party of No Fails" cocerning universal health care. My response follows:

There is no "Party of No." Both parties desperately want this and are both part of the ongoing Socialist/Marxist coup.

The Repubs are on the story board to make people feel like they have a voice. You don't.

The predetermined vote margins are an important clue. By barely passing this bill, the Supreme Court (also on the Fed dole--look no farther than Justices now taking their paycheck in private-issue Federal Reserve bank notes--a woefully unconstitutional act) can easily pin the tail on each and every State suing the Federal government as solely responsible for passage in the first place. Nebraska suing up front is a perfect example.

The purpose of flooding the Supreme Court with law suites filed by the same States who were responsible for shoving the bill down peoples throats, is to quickly establish a pro-coup precedent that prevents citizens from taking court action.


  1. Very interesting.

    I wonder if the us dollar is really rallying on healthcare cost containment vs other countries weaknesses.

    There will major medical cost savings, for the US Govt, when the final phase is complete.

    The US just got more fiscally sound and people think they got a bargain. Fools.

  2. Curious - When the movement claims health care cost savings, are they claiming people won't die under this plan? I'm puzzled, how do we save money with more "preventive care" unless it prevents death?

  3. Maybe they mean people will die sooner.

    I can't seem to get it out of my head, that if ever increasing medical technology is extending life, how can money be saved from a govt that promises healthcare and social security to all.

    Let say for instance a stem cell research company invents a drug that will extend life for another 30 years beyond the normal life expectancy today.

    First, they may charge 100k a shot per year. Is medicare / socialized healthcare going to pay for this? For everyone? If they do, what about SS?

    The only way to stop it is to take the incentive away from the company that wants to develop it.

  4. EWI stole your Coyote/Roadrunner comment in today's STU.

  5. The guy from Barrons saying the market is not going to top anytime soon because the anti wall street movie, Wallstreet 2, is coming out and it would be to cute for a correction to occur right when hollywood is predicting it to. interesting

  6. Well, the coyote/roadrunner comment doesn't apply anymore.

    Apparently, the ground is coming up to meet the ledge.



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