Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama Duped, Already?

It didn't take long for bankers to take President Obama and our most vulnerable American's to the cleaners. The NY Times is reporting that the Obama administration is on track to increase child debt to bankers by $825B during his first week in office:
Mr. Geithner said the government would have to invest much more before the economy revives. Saying timid action had worsened past crises, he added, “In a crisis of this magnitude, the most prudent course is the most forceful course.”

The $825 billion stimulus plan in the House meets the test, he said. Senator John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, disputed him, saying, “I don’t think the package is large enough.” While some Democrats agree with him, some Republicans are complaining the package is too large.

The Senate’s Republican leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, also said the measure must be revised substantially, but to avoid expanding the government and permanently increasing spending.

The House Appropriations Committee voted, 35 to 22, to send a major component of the recovery package to the House for a final vote, perhaps next week.
If signed, the total national debt, after interest, will increase by a little over $2T, with more than half being pure bank profit. Not a bad initial-stuffing of the pockets of world's richest bankers at the direct expense of our most vulnerable citizens.

This all happened so fast one can't help but wonder who was duped, our new president, or the American People who voted for change?


  1. Distract enough people (millions, perhaps billions) with spectacles like the history-making "first Black president" along with the post celebratory/masturbatory $150+ million celebration, and the banking elite can steathily go on with their plans to rape the nation.

    Free thought and self-actualization dies when people are forced into survival mode. It's Maslow's hierarchy of needs in play.

  2. FDR, off topic question: What would be the purpose of making people believe that human activities cause global warming?

  3. I don't think Obama is duped here...this new theft-of-the-public is what he and his people have been working on during Bush's final few weeks in office.

    This bill is flowing right from his inkwell according to the propoganda of the last few weeks.


  4. Hey FDR congrats on your blog. Looked forward to your daily comments on MW and now here. Thanks again and keep up the great work you do.


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