Thursday, January 22, 2009

Four Lies a Minute

The official Federal Reserve indoctrination video is a joke.

After you finish vomiting, don't forget these private, mostly foreign bankers desperately want to enslave your family and plunder the wealth of the United States.

Let's count the lies and the bold-face lies:

1. The world goes around because we trust Federal Reserve Notes.

2. Money is just a piece of paper.

3. Gold backed paper inspires less confidence than un-backed FRNs.

4. The Federal Reserve concept is complex.

5. The Fed mission has remained unchanged (the FRA has been modified over 100 times).

6. The Fed is charged with centrally managing the U.S. economy.

7. People have more confidence in a monopoly than in a system of competition.

8. You can print money.

9. It is bad to choose from sound currencies and to shun weak currencies.

10. People are more likely to lose faith in a system with choices and competition.

11. They had Model T Fords in the early 1800's.

12. Panics haven't closed banks since the passage of the FRA.

13. The Great Depression happened before 1913.

14. A monopoly has a stabilizing influence on markets.

15. There is such a thing as a decentralized central bank.

16. The Fed Governors set policy.

17. You can be independent of the government and be part of the government.

18. The structure provides accountability by preventing government control.

19. Private banks' main goal is a stable economy.

20. The Fed want's a currency monopoly to stabilize prices, not to set them.

21. The foundation of private banks is a sound monetary policy for the country, not profit.

22. Private banks prefer price stability over profit.

23. The FOMC has kept prices stable since 1913.

24. The FOMC creates all the credit available in our economy.

25. The FOMC slithered out from the Great Seal's war claw.

26. The currency supply affects the demand for goods (it only changes prices).

27. Prices result from the supply of goods and from not the supply of currency.

28. Recession is caused by producing too few goods, not too many.

29. The goal of private banking corporations is to stabilize the currency, not profit.

30. The goal of private banking corporations is to prevent inflation, not profit.

31. The goal of private banking corporations is to prevent recession, not profit.

32. Buying a government security without consideration is an investment.

33. The Fed has a pet eagle and they are therefore part of the government.

34. Private banks sell securities to help the economy and not to profit.

35. Inflation and recessions have been prevented by the Fed's pet eagle.

36. The Fed has produced a stable economy with high employment, production, growth, and has kept prices steady since 1913.

37. Creating rules that supervise regulation is the same as regulation.

38. Congess's purpose is to promote the safety of banks.

39. Federal examiners are the same as the Fed.

40. The Fed's aim is to stabilize banks, not profit.

41. The Fed "provides" services, implying there is no charge.

42. Private banks are charged with collecting Federal taxes.

43. There is $500B in total currency in circulation (that is just physical cash).

44. More implications the Fed doesn't charge for services.

45. The Fed is responsible for a strong economy.

46. The Fed's purpose is to instill confidence, not profit.

47. Monopolies are less costly and safer.

48. Private banks do whatever is necessary to foster a healthy growing economy, not to profit.

49. Emerging democracies want private currency monopolies.

50. The job of the Fed is to provide trust in U.S. currency, not profit.

51. The job of the Fed is to keep the economy pumping, but still, not to profit.


  1. Proverbs, chapter 27
    6: Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.

  2. FDR,

    I think your blog would be better if you could have a "friends list"

    This way posters could reference to eachother.

    Just a thought.


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