Saturday, November 21, 2009

Universal Health Care--Neuter the Revolution

I maintain UHC is about one thing: killing as many seniors and otherwise inconvenient citizens as possible. This is murder, plain and simple. The only way to solve our government's grandiose, $70T Medicare over-reach is to kill those to whom we've promised too much.

I'm sorry to report this isn't a joke, but the explicit, unstated intent of the United States government. If ever there was a reason to keep our corrupt government out of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, this rotten bill to amputate our elderly is it.

We have none other than Putin to thank for the most successful single-payer Universal Health Care model yet devised. The Russian population is projected to fall from 175M in 2004 to fewer than 80M by 2015, with a particularly brutal assault on males. The average life expectancy of a Russian male is between 51 and 58 years, depending on who you believe.

With luck, and a lethal dose of a drug-toting corporatocracy, the USA can achieve the same or better.

We'll finally be rid of our elderly and miscellaneous unfit dead weight; no more Medicare/Medicaid debate, only the productive will be left turning cranks for global socialite fat-cats. Our already emasculated male population will be similarly targeted for destruction; just try to raise an army to fight for your freedom.

Socialist financiers, hellbent on seizing our wealth and lancing the irritating boil of commoner freedom, seem to have learned from history. Have we, the people?


  1. I find the numbers cited for Russia particularly striking. I have been watching a drama "London Hospital" - an Edwardian version of ER if you will. The show is set in London 1909 where the average life expectancy is 45 and one in seven children die before the age of ten. I am sure the numbers were even lower in Moscow and Petersburg but still a simply amazing reversion for Russia considering all of the life saving techniques and medicines developed over the last century.

  2. Was in Russia shortly after the Berlin Wall came down - on medical missions.

    Can personally attest to the horrific state of this "superpower's" medical services.

    Made places in the Caribbean look like Baylor or John-Hopkins.

    They had terrible problems with AIDS in pediatric patients from reusing syringes for innoculations - this was NEVER fully reported.
    Biggest problem? Their currency - the Ruble - was not a strong enough currency to buy needed supplies from the West and with the breakup of the old Socialist system their previous suppliers (East Germany - syringes; Poland - needles; etc.) no longer accepted, or rather were forced to accept Rubles either!

    I can definitely see where the US is headed for a similar breakdown - probably not quite so bad but similar.

    BTW - a physician in Russia where I traveled in 1991 made $20/month - same as a bus driver!

  3. Amen FDR, there's one agenda within the democratic party that's very hush hush, but at the same time very much a priority - population reduction. This bill has many secret plugs to kill off seniors and also the unhealthy. Ironically everyone and anyone is welcome to step across inot Del Rio TX.

  4. Yes, illegals show up with a willingness to work and an untapped credit line. They are a godsend to those who live to enslave and indebt. That's why Americans are pushed aside.

  5. FDRAOA,

    I'm considering getting the H1N1 vaccine even though I think swine flu is gov./media hype, but better safe than sorry. Wise or unwise to get the shot?

  6. Personally, I don't want a corrupt government sticking me with anything, especially something that only exists because it is a cash cow for connected corporations.

    I can understand why you'd do it, given that the same people probably engineered and spread the virus.

    You might try loading up on simple Vitamin C at about 2000% the FDA daily dose. The government keeps the recommended dose of Vitamin C way too low to be effective, so as many people as possible get sick and spend money on drugs.

    Ever since I realized this, I've never gotten a cold or the flu, even after continuous exposure to sick people.

  7. On a similar note, Ed Griffin, author of "The Creature From Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve" (required reading) claims that Vitamin B17 is 100% prevention for cancer.

    He points out that much like Scurvy, cancer is not a disease but a chronic metabolic disorder, and that all such conditions develop due to key vitamin deficiencies.

    In case you are wondering, the FDA has inexplicably banned B17, and forcibly shut down all providers of the vitamin.

    You cannot obtain it, but for its natural occurrence in rarely consumed foods like eating apricot kernels.

  8. The biggest problem in Russia is vodka. I think rampant alcoholism is largely to blame for the decline in life expectancy.

    As for the flu I would never get a flu shot unless droves of otherwise healthy people who had not received the shot were dying. I also think that apart from eating healthy and getting moderate exercise, hand-washing is the best defense. Whenever I'm out I try to keep my hands away from my nose, mouth and particularly eyes until I get home and wash or at least use the hand sanitizer I keep in my vehicle.

  9. Isn't it possible that US currency gets completely destroyed or worthless? What if no one will accept it as it means nothing? What if all people will accept is gold dust from a leather pouch on my hip? I don't understand why the dollar has to be worth anything at the end of the day, it's just a piece of paper.

  10. "Isn't it possible that US currency gets completely destroyed or worthless? What if no one will accept it as it means nothing? What if all people will accept is gold dust from a leather pouch on my hip? I don't understand why the dollar has to be worth anything at the end of the day, it's just a piece of paper."

    Of course. If that happens the predecessor will be 10,000% interest rates, indicating that no one wants the stuff.

    Today, we have the opposite situation, 0% or even negative interest rates, meaning that the US dollar has never been more coveted.

    The previous recorded low in interest rates (which = confidence in the US dollar) happened in 1939, when Hitler rolled into Poland. Today, the Treasury market tells us we have a crises that is order of magnitude worse. And that people want US dollars in a way that has never been previously explored.


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