Monday, November 23, 2009

NY Times Predicts Much Larger Stimulus Bill

The NY Times is predicticting another stimulus bill and much higher debt levels, as the only solution for the deepening depression--ooops, I mean--the long gone, backdated recession.

The last stimulus bill (which followed the $trillion banker bonus stimulus) was "way too small" to work, they say.


  1. Short term, this policy would make gold rise further, no?

    Long term, very bad.

  2. So, would a 2 trillion dollar stimulus bill still be positive for the dollar? We can borrow forever from the Chinese or the FED. seems as though everyday the market goes up as the dollar goes down. 1 ounce of gold may have bought you 1 suit a year ago but now buys you three. A lot of assets heading simultaneously in different directions, or the same direction lately, who is right and who is wrong?


  4. Gold Bulls 97-98% for day upon day

    The two or three percent of Bears left look good

  5. "seems as though everyday the market goes up as the dollar goes down."

    Only if you read the news, which is designed to steal your money. The dollar remains in a massive uptrend, and has been skyrocketing upward for about 20 months.

  6. After today everyone believes that the mkt cannot go down. This is a one way market. Everyone thinks that the $ will become toilet paper.
    I, for some reason still believe that the $ will rise and that the mkt will fall!
    I just cant' think any other way.

  7. Tell me, FDR: how can you have increasing debt *and* deflation all at the same time?


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