Friday, February 12, 2010

BofA--Dragged Into Kangaroo Court

Now, it is in the "News."

Bank of America is under all-out attack by the owners of the United States--the Federal Reserve Corporation--and the politicians who serve only them.

Don't get me wrong, BAC is a leader in the failed-bank business model of gambling away patron's deposits, selling known-bad loans to our central banker-owned government, and collecting predatory penalty fees for cash flow.

BAC management is almost as bad as Goldman Sachs. Together, they form the two worst managed companies in America today, which is quite an honor given the competition.

That does not mean Bank of America should be "tried" and pre-convicted in the king's Kangaroo Court, like it's 1776 alloveragain. The idea that any private institution can be summarily destroyed by the foreign owners of our congress and president, simply because they are homegrown, is an affront to the U.S. Constitution.

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  1. So, should we help out BAC and give them some deposits?


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